"Okay Leo." She smiled at him giggling. "Why were you lying on the ground, Leo?" Nyx asked her new toy, she tilted her head to the side. Nyx played with her skirt flicking a leaf of her skirt.

"Um…" Leo hesitated. He couldn’t exactly remember why he was lying on the ground. He remembered meeting a small child in the forest on his day off, he remembered passing out but there had to be a reason why he had done so. He hadn’t touched any stimulants or opiates in weeks so he couldn’t have overdosed (despite wanting to on several occasions). He honestly couldn’t remember how he came to be lying on the floor.

"You know what, Alessia- I’m not entirely sure… but what about you? What happened to you? Where are your parents? Surely they must be worried about you…"

she smiled as she watched him. She smirked inwardly at his words. “They don’t mind if I play in the woods as long as they know where I am.” She replied to him tilting her head childishly.

"Well, do they know you’re around this end of the forest… with me? Were they close when you found me? Or are they going to be wandering around the woods, looking for you?"

"No, no and no. They trust me enough to know I can take care of myself." She crossed her arms frowning at the male. "I’m not a helpless little girl, Leo." 

(( Just saw Frozen and it was awesome. :D I loved it soo much.))

(( On another note I may make Nyx more of a Anne Rice vampire or focus more on being a Goddess, than a Marked vampire she will still have her markings though.))




It’s not cute or graceful either it’s as if you actually body slammed into them its uncomfortable and painful


NSFW Version

  1. My muse performs a full strip tease for yours
  2. My muse gets caught masturbating by yours
  3. My muse walks in on yours naked
  4. My muse sneaks into your muse’s bed in the night
  5. My muse suddenly pins yours to the wall with a kiss
  6. My muse goes down on yours
  7. My muse sends yours a naked photo of themselves
  8. My muse confesses that they want yours badly
  9. My muse slips a hand beneath your muse’s clothes



Nox by Maggie Chance

12 x 12” Giclée on acid-free cream rag 

Signed edition with gold leaf hand embellishment available soon from Elusive Objects. Follow for updates.

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